Saturday, September 24th, 2016 at 10:00a.m.

Location: Cooper County Youth Fairgrounds, 16899 Dunkles Rd, Boonville, MO 65233
Directions: West of Boonville off I-70 exit Mo. Highway 135, go east on Frontage Road, north of I-70 approximately 2 miles and go south over I-70 to fairgrounds)

Auctioneer’s Note: This is the personal collection of a well-known and respected local gunsmith. You don’t want to miss this. Please plan to attend.

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1800’s Historic Pistol
Excel Arms Mod MP-22, .22mag auto
H&R Mod 650, .22/.22mag
H&R Mod 999 Sportsman, 9-shot
Jimenez Arms .25cal
Remington Mod XP100
Remington Mod XP100 221 Fireball w/ custom thumbhole stock
Ruger “Old Army” .44cal Black Powder, 7½” Stainless Barrel, w/ box
Ruger “Old Army” .45cal Black Powder, 7½” Blue Barrel, w/ box
Ruger Redhawk .357cal, 7½” Stainless Barrel, adj. sites, w/ box (2)
Ruger Redhawk .44mag, 7½” Stainless Barrel, adj. sites, w/ box (3)
Ruger Redhawk .44mag, 5½” Stainless Barrel, adj. sites, w/ box
Ruger Redhawk .44cal, Blue Barrel
Ruger Single-Six HMR17 w/ box
Ruger Single-Six .22cal, Old Flat Top
Ruger Super Single-Six, .22/.22mag, 6½” Barrel, w/ box
Ruger Blackhawk 30 carbene, 7½” Barrel, w/ box
Ruger Blackhawk .357max, 10½” Barrel, w/ box
Ruger Blackhawk .357max, 7½” Barrel, w/ box
Ruger Blackhawk .357/9mm, 6½” Barrel, w/ box
Ruger Blackhawk .357max
Ruger Blackhawk Bisley .45cal
Ruger Super Blackhawk 50th Anniv, .44rem mag, 7½” Barrel, w/ box
Ruger Bearcat .22cal, Aluminum frame, No transfer bar.
Savage 1907, .32 Auto
Smith & Wesson Mod 1955 .45cal
Smith & Wesson Mod 48 .22mag w/ box
Thompson Center Arms .22 Hornet
Uberti Stoeger .357 1873 replicas (2)


         Savage Mod 110, 30-06 Improved             Savage Mod 12, .223cal, 6x24x50 Swift Scope              Browning Mo 1885, .223cal
          Remington Mod 788, 22-250cal               Ruger M77 Mark II, 22-250, 6x24 BSA Scope                    Ruger #3 221 Fireball
                   Mauser 35-Walen                          Savage Mod 12, .204ruger, 6x18 Swift Scope             Marlin Mod 1895 CB 45-70govt.
          German Mauser 98, 35-Walen                            Savage Mod 40, .22Hornet                                        Ruger #1 30-06

                 CZ Mod 453, .22cal                                        Howa 1500, .270 win                            Thompson Center Arms Encore, .204cal
                      Ruger .22cal                                             Howa 1500, 7mm mag                          Thompsons Center Arms Encore, 22-250
  Remington Mod 121 Fieldmaster, .22cal                    Savage Mod 110E, 30-06                                   Ruger #1, 300 win mag
       New England Arms 17 MACH 2                              Interarms Mark X 30-06                                     Remington 78, 30-06

        Remington Mod 700 221 Rem Fireball           Browning .22 auto, Japan                             Remington Mod 10C, .22cal
              Remington 7400, 30-06                         Browning BLR, .270cal                                 Winchester Mod 67A Youth
       Winchester Mod 9422 XTR, .22cal                 Remington 504, .22lr                                      Marlin Mod 1895 45-70
           Winchester Mod 74, .22cal                       Remington 541-T, .22lr                       Remington Rolling Block, .43 Egyptian cal.

            Yugo M24-52-C, 8mm Mauser (Matching #’s)                       Mauser-Kropatschek Model 1886. Made by Steyr for Portugal 8x56R
   98 Mauser La Coruna 1953, 8mm Mauser (Matching #’s)                                        Enfield No. 4 MK2, .303 British
             Yugo Mod 48, 8mm Mauser (Matching #’s)                                    Italian Carcano M 1938 Short Rifle, 6.5 Carcano

             Weatherby Vanguard, .300 Wby Mag                                    Marlin Model 7000T Bull Barrel .22 auto w/ tactical scope
              Savage Model 62, .22 auto w/ scope                                         Mossberg Model 702, NWTF .22 auto, new in box
       Connecticut Valley Arms, 50cal Blackpowder
          Remington Model 597 Auto, .22 Win Mag

                 Remington 700 .243cal, Duracoat barrel/action                                            Ruger Mini 14, .222cal, New in Box
         Remington 700 Sendero 25-06 w/ Leupold vx1 4x12 Scope


   Beretta 391 Urika, 28" Optima choke tubes, w/case                      Featherweight Mod 12, 12ga, w/ extra barrel (Full/Improved)
  Browning Citori, 12ga, 28" invector plus choke tubes                                              Winchester Mo 42, .410
Browning Citori Gran Lightning, 28ga, 26" invector chokes

Eastern Arms Co. Mod 1929, .410 Single Shot
Stevens Mod 220A, 28ga
Revelations Mod 336, .410 Single Shot
Fabrique Nationale 12ga (Browning pat.)
Western Field Mod WNH 12ga, 2¾”
Stevens .410 Single Shot

                                     Winchester Model 12 Trench gun, 12 ga, US marked

German Single Shot, .22cal, Ornately Engraved
H. Pieper’s Belgium, .22cal, Octagon Barrel
Marlin Mod 60SS, .22cal, NRA 125th Anniv.
Remington 870 Wingmaster Light Weight
Springfield Mod 83, .22cal

Tasco World Class 4x28 in box - Tasco World Class 2x22 in box - Tasco World Class 3x20 in box

.357 Rem Max 158 grain (9) - Win 45-70govt. 300 grain Hollow Jacket (1) - Rem 45-70govt. 405 grain (3) - Rem 45-70govt. 300 grain (1) - 30 Carbene (5) - 30 Carbene partial (1) - 30 Carbene Reloads  

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